iBET Malaysia iCASINO++(Xpro) Baccarat Game

iBET Malaysia iCASINO++(Xpro) Baccarat Game

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iCASINO++(Xpro), one of the partners of iBET, provides Baccarat, the famous gambling in the Malaysia Genting Highlands and Macao Casino.

The Payoff of Baccarat in the iCASINO++ of iBET Company:

iCASINO++ Baccarat description 投注玩法 Payoff 赔率
Player 闲家赢 1 to 1 一赔一
Banker 庄家赢 0.95 to 1 一赔0.95
Tie 和局 8 to 1 一赔八
Player Pair 闲家对子 11 to 1 一赔11
Banker Pair 庄家对子 11 to 1 一赔11
Super 6 庄家6点赢 12 to 1 一赔12
Dragon 下注龙赢 1to 1 一赔一
Tiger 下注虎赢 1 to 1 一赔一

Baccarat is a kind of easy playing card game, yet with striking mathematical probability. Invented by Italians, Baccarat has swept over England, France and other regions in the 19th century and at present, it is still the most popular game in the casinos.

The betting caps of Baccarat in iCASINO++ are as follows:

iCASINO++ Baccarat table limit 投注玩法上下限 投注下限 投注上限
Table limit 赌桌上下限 RM 2 RM 2,000.00
Player 闲家 RM 2 RM 2,000.00
Banker 庄家 RM 2 RM 2,000.00
Tie 和局 RM 2 RM 250.00
Player Pair 闲家对子(头两张牌相同) RM 2 RM 250.00
Banker Pair 庄家对子(头两张牌相同) RM 2 RM 250.00
Super 6 超级六(庄家6点赢) RM 2 RM 250.00
Dragon 投注龙 RM 2 RM 2,000.00
Tiger 投注虎 RM 2 RM 2,000.00

How to enter the system and play the Baccarat game?

After login in iBET, you can enter iCASINO++ and see the options of Baccarat as shown in the following picture:

iCASINO++ Baccarat

iCASINO++ Baccarat

Select the gambling table and the betting caps and chick “PLAY NOW”, and you can play the game.

Play iCASINO++ Baccarat

Play iCASINO++ Baccarat

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